Over the course of a season, we filmed with The Brighton Kop to create a short documentary capturing their passion and community values. A short version of the film was released in partnership with The Guardian, with the extended cut screening at festivals worldwide, premiering as part of The Anfield Wrap live show.

There are 580 million Liverpool fans around the world, and only a tiny fraction of those can get tickets to the match. Most will watch on screens around the world, screaming and singing at the TV, some just as passionate those at the ground.

It is a positive story that dispels lazy football fan stereotypes and show how through community projects we can overcome social and political boundaries, reestablishing what it means to be a modern football supporter.

This is a real story about human relationships and the emotional connection this unique set of people have forged through a shared love of football. Celebrating their love for the beautiful game and in the process realising it’s about more than 90 minutes.

> Credits:

A film by Reuben Armstrong
Guardian Football Editor: Ryan Baxter
Camera: Reuben Armstrong, Jamie Neale & Christopher Hood
Sound Recordist: Jamie Frye
Illustration: Reuben Armstrong, Caroline Tomlinson & Jonny Burton
Animation: Reuben Armstrong & Jonny Burton
Edit: Reuben Armstrong & Jim Burke
Colour: Laura Pavone
Sound Mix: Jamie Frye
Music: Pascal Wyse
Thanks to The Brighton Kop and all the staff at The King & Queen pub.