From the 1824 Vagrancy act to today’s Stop and Search policies, this project, immaculately researched by On The Record, shines a light on the racism that permeates British laws and police.

A forensic fly-through a world of redacted documents exploring 'the thin blue line', we designed and animated this timeline using 2.5D animation techniques to pack a huge amount of content into a short sequence. Using real Government documents and archive photography from the Bishopsgate Institute, this piece was created to raising awareness, educate and support the campaign.

The wider project included a website, illustration, pamphlets, oral interviews, spoken word poetry and a documentary film produced by Patrice Etienne.

> Credits:

Client: On The Record / Journey to Justice
Heritage Coordination: Rosa Kurowska
Project Manager: Rosa Schling
Director: Patrice Etienne
Animation Director: Reuben Armstrong
Music: Brandon Leon
Archive: Bishopsgate Institute, George Padmore Institute, Imperial War Museum, Homer Sykes
More info and full credits here: