Who was it for?

This project is my final major branding project for my Motion Graphics degree at Ravensbourne.

What was the brief?

I wanted to brand a new TV channel that didn't already exist and came up with the idea for Flow. Flow television would be a showcase for beautiful and creative motion design, film and animation. Using sites like Vimeo and Motionographer to source content, the channel would only show short-form content under 15 minutes, hand-picked because of their interesting visuals. Flow would reinvent the music channel, bridging the gap between the Internet and TV.

What did I do?

I designed, directed and edited a full brand identity for Flow: from logo to idents, from website to a launch promo. So what happened in the end?

Below is my project report, documenting my journey to the Flow brand in it's entirety. Now I'm waiting to find out my grade and meanwhile I am hoping to pitch the idea to anyone who could make this channel a reality. I just want to watch Flow TV now!

> Credits:

Concept / Design / Direction / Camera / Animation / Edit - Reuben Armstrong
Sound Design - Jamie Frye
Thanks to friends, family, students and volunteers for voiceover