Jaguar’s first electric vehicle, the I-PACE Concept, is a step towards the future.

Under the skin, the I-PACE Concept is radically different, taking full advantage of the opportunities presented by electrification.

Smarter, cleaner, and more efficient – the battery pack and motors have been designed and engineered by Jaguar Land Rover to deliver outstanding efficiency.

With just a few days to turn this one around, the team created this epic teaser to reveal the daringly designed and innovative powertrain that runs beneath the car.

In 2018 it was announced that Google have ordered 20,000 I-PACE Jaguar vehicles to develop them into driverless cars for their Waymo autonomous car project.

> Credits:

Client: Jaguar / Foxtrot Papa
Agency: Intro
FP Creative Director: Andy Thomas
Director: Reuben Armstrong
3D Animation: Roger Chiaw
2D Animation: Reuben Armstrong, Kyli John & Ronnie Deelen
Sound Design: Reuben Armstrong & Jamie Frye