In 2011, Conran Design Group rebranded Manx Telecom. The work had been received so positively on the island, we felt compelled to document the success. To capture the story, we spoke to both staff and customers to gain insight into the difference Manx Telecom makes on the island.

The film was shot over a period of four days on the island, with a small crew covering lots of locations. By using a small team, it enabled us to be agile and less imposing on the people we met. We met all kinds of characters, from an engineer fitting high-speed broadband, to a customer living on a rural dairy farm.

The brand identity won a Design Effectiveness Award in 2013 and the film was used as a key element of the entry. We would like to say thank you to Manx Telecom and all the islanders for being so welcoming and generous with their time.

> Credits:

Client - Manx Telecom
Agency - Conran Design Group
Direction - Reuben Armstrong
Camera - Reuben Armstrong & Jamie Neale
Design - David Bennett
Edit - Reuben Armstrong & Christian Carlsson
Music - 'Earthflow' by Ruth Barrett & 'Abandon Window' by Jon Hopkins
Thanks to all the staff at Manx Telecom for making this film possible.