We were approached by the charity Whale & Dolphin Conservation to redesign and relaunch their global brand. My role was to bring the brand to life in motion, using archive footage and animation to welcome their supporters to the new identity.

We wanted the style to feel natural and relatable; to show the power of the ocean and beauty of the animals. Using grading and film grain techniques we wanted the film to feel like it had been captured by WDC's supporters and washed up by the sea itself, whilst showcasing the flexibility of the identity. As well as the brand launch film we also produced idents for the organisation to use as bumpers and stings, with sound taken from Zero7's track 'Look Up'.

The rebrand was warmly received on all fronts, with a mention in Design Week's best of 2012 and the client even had a dolphin named Conran to thank us!

> Credits:

Client: Whale & Dolphin Conservation
Agency: Conran Design Group
Brand Design - Jamie Neale & David Bennett

Animation - Reuben Armstrong, Jesper Ellesson-Hamrin
, Deborah McQuade & Adam Broome
Edit - Reuben Armstrong
Illustration - Sarah Maycock

Additional Direction - Thom Newton, Lee Hoddy & Mark Whelan

Voiceover - Sienna Miller

Music - 'Look Up' by Zero7